Shared Vision

Our Vision is to Strive for Success. We provide high quality teaching and learning in a positive, safe and inclusive learning environment, where students are at the heart of all that we do. We foster a strong sense of belonging, where mutual respect and support leads to students becoming resilient, independent, life long learners and positive contributors to the community.


We believe optimal teaching and learning occurs when:

  • Students are at the heart of everything we do
  • There is a holistic approach which focuses on academic, creative, social, emotional and behavioural development of the individual child.
  • Student wellbeing, resiliency and emotional understanding is held a as high priority
  • There is open, honest transparent communication to develop relationships based on trust, fairness and integrity
  • There is a sense of belonging, safety, and family, as everyone looks after each other.
  • High quality teaching and learning is based on research, evidence and data.
  • Our learning environments are positive, safe, and inclusive and foster creativity and curiosity.
  • We are responsive to individual needs through on going reflection

This leads to students becoming resilient, independent, lifelong learners.




Our Vision in action


Condingup Primary School is a happy, safe school. It has an energetic, professional staff that works collaboratively with the community to make difference for the students and their futures. Our school has a holistic approach to education which focuses not only on academic achievement but also on the emotional social and behavioural development of the individual students. We work together to instil and build in our students the ability to be resilient and to learn how to recover from difficulties and challenges. Students have the courage to make choices to learn and understand the rewards and consequences associated with those choices.



We value open, honest, and transparent communication to develop relationships based on trust, fairness, and integrity. There is opportunity for honest constructive feedback and people feel their opinions and ideas are valued. Our school supports new staff, parents, and students with positive and thorough induction procedure. Our message are consistent form the very beginning which rerates awareness of the expectations in our school.



Shared values are important in our school as they develop a strong sense of community. Everyone’s opinions and ideas are listened to so that all school members feel valued, respected and safe. Our values include fairness, kindness, consistency, honesty, openness and being trustworthy. There is a sense of belonging, safety and family as everyone looks after each other.



All members of our school community demonstrate effective leadership which is based on being respectful, calm and consistent in our approach. Being a positive role model for the school, treating all individuals fairly, while ensuring all are aware of their roles and responsibilities. Leadership is grounded in honesty, integrity and openness, developing strong positive relationships based on mutual trust.



We have a strong community. We have an engaged and passionate Parent and Citizens Association that actively supports the school. We utilise the vast variety of skills and expertise of the community to better the educational opportunities of students. Parents are dedicated and involved in ensuring the progress and learning of their children.



Teachers are enthusiastic and motivated in creating positive learning experiences for students. Classrooms are safe places, students are given the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in a variety of situations. We provide the support and structure students need to become independent, life-long learners. Students show an ownership in their learning and have a sense of pride in their work, others work, and in the classroom and school environment. The classroom is a place of trust, fairness, contentment and positivity. Children’s interests and passions are recognised and encouraged through student centred programmes that encompass supported, structured and independent learning.


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